Multi Device Supports

Use your iPhone to report your location and manage your users, Android version coming soon. Keep historical data in the cloud, don't worry about extra fees, your data will be stored for 1 year for free. It also support Apple Watch users.

Easy Setup

Create an account and share your Track ID with people you want to keep track where they are. Be able to see hunders of users locations.

Share your location

Share your location by checking in, Stayntch provides an easy way to report your location without draining your battery, user your Apple Watch to report your location right from your wrist

Access to users locations

As an administrator check your users locations from the app.


Features that come with the app, as an administrator and as an standard user.

Working Demo

Please visit our YouTube Channel tutorials YouTube Channel

Get the App

The App is available on iTunes.


You can contact us on support@intellipins.com